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isimSoftware Data URI Creator

isimSoftware Data URI Creator

Data URI Creator is a very simple application that helps you generate Data URIs from images for embedding inside HTML documents. There are a lot of these tools online, but I couldn’t find a desktop one that works offline. I didn’t feel comfortable uploading my copyrighted images to some random website to encode them, so this seemed like the best solution.

This tool does one thing, and one thing only. It takes an image in JPG, PNG, or GIF format and base64 encodes it for embedding in HTML documents.

Data URI Creator


Data URI Creator is really simple to use. To encode an image, just click the
browse button in the main UI, or drag a file from Explorer into the "drop 

The image will automatically be encoded and put in the result text box. Just
copy the text into your HTML document. There is the option to include the <img>
tag if you would like, and it is checked by default. If you uncheck that, it
will only generate the actual URI information.

Data URI Creator also supports some command line arguments. If you pass in a
file path to a valid file, the application will generate the Data URI for you
automatically; no need to browse for the file or drag it onto the interface.

If you provide a filename as a command line argument, you may also use these
parameters to further control the output:

--copy Copies the Data URI generated to your clipboard and then exits
--raw Generates a raw URI instead of the HTML code needed to embed it
into a webpage


> DataURICreator.exe C:\temp\test.jpg --copy --raw


If you need help with this tool, and for some unexplicable reason this readme
file wasn't sufficient, you can contact me via the Isim Software website, 
email, or Twitter.

Email: support@isimsoftware.com

Creation date: 1.02.2022 00:29 (isimsoftwareadmin)      Updated: 30.06.2022 15:12 (isimsoftwareadmin)
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