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isimSoftware FileGen Free

isimSoftware FileGen Free

FileGen Free is an application that helps you quickly generate large amounts of files for testing. It was designed to help debug applications that run into issues on large amount of file system based databases.
Generate hundreds of thousands of files
Automatic Find/Replace using variables
Generate specific content or random gibberish in your files

Using FileGen Free is quite easy and straight-forward. It was designed with
simplicity in mind. To generate files follow these easy steps:

1. Choose an output path to generate your files. The default is C:\temp
2. Decide if you want random filenames or sequenced filenames.
2a. For random just leave the default settings
2b. For sequenced filenames, uncheck the random box and type in a file
    name in the box. A sequenced number will automatically be appended
starting at 0 and going up.
3. Select or type a file extension.
4. Choose how many files you want to generate. Careful, the larger the 
   number of files, the longer it will take to generate them.
5. Decide if you want to generate sub-directories, and if so, how many sub-
   directories deep do you want to generate files. They will be randomly
   distributed within the various sub directories.
6. Decide if you want random gibberish in your files (for filling space) or
   you want to specify your own content in each file.
    6a. If you do random, you can specify how big you want each file to be
in bytes.
7. FileGen supports variables. If you want to specify your own content and
   replace words or characters with other words, you can do so. Click on
   add and give it a name, then double click it to edit the value.
7a. If you specify a value, it will replace the variable with that
7. If you specify a filename, it will replace the variable with a
   random string from the file. The file should be formatted with each
   string of words on a separate line. An example file is included with
   this application called example.txt.
8. And finally click Generate! Your files will generate with a progressbar
   informing you of how much progress has been made. When the bar is full,
   your files are done! And that's it.

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