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isimSoftware Countdown

isimSoftware Countdown

Countdown is a very, very simple tool that does exactly what it is called. It counts down. You can set it up on your desktop so that it sits in the corner, or whatever, and just counts down to a pre-determined date or time. It was originally created so that I could count off the days, hours, minutes and seconds until a family vacation, and now it’s available for everyone to download!
  • Choose any date and time. You can pick 1 second from now or 1000 days from now!
  • Easily configurable interface
  • Translucency/opacity effects, so you can see other things behind the counter
  • Tons of customization options

          Copyright © 2022 Isim Software           


Thank you for downloading Countdown from the Isim
Software website. This readme should help you understand
the basics of this program. Countdown is a simple program
that allows you to set a specified date and display a count-
down to that date, accurate to within 1 second (depending on
your system clock, of course).


Using Countdown is a very simple process. Once the program is
opened, it will default to January 1st 2010 @ 12:01AM. More
information will be added to this file as time progresses.

Shortcut keys:

C Copy the current information to the clipboard
+ Increase the Opacity by 25%
- Decrease the Opacity by 25%
Arrows Move the countdown window around the screen
Holding control moves in smaller increments
Delete Close the application

- When adding a caption, using \n will put in carriage returns
  between lines.


That should get you started, and probably get you pretty
comfortable with using the program. If you have any
suggestions for this program, send them to
support@isimsoftware.com or visit the Isim Software
website at http://www.isimsoftware.com and fill out the
comments form, or register on our forums for free and post your
suggestions and feedback in the Program Feedback board.

Once again, thank you for downloading this program from Isim 

Isim Software


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