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isimSoftware Time Lapser

isimSoftware Time Lapser

Time Lapser is an application that allows you to combine a directory full of JPEG images into an AVI file playable by most media players, or uploadable to video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo. It also allows you to overlay images and/or text on top of the video frames.
  • Create AVI file from directory of JPEG images
  • Overlay graphics and text on the output video file
  • Duplicate frames x number of times, for things like titles or transitions

Time Lapser

Copyright © 2022 Isim Software. All Rights Reserved.


Time Lapser is an application to take a large quantity of JPEG images and
combine them into an AVI file playable by most video players.

Using Time Lapser is pretty easy and straight forward. To get started, find
your collection of JPEG images and what directory they live in. One thing to
note is that all of the JPEG images need to be the same size. You can verify
the size of all frames by choosing the menu option Edit->Verify Frames. When
you load them from a directory, the frames will be read in alphabetical order.
This means, for example, if you have a snapshot every 10 minutes from a 
webcam, and each is labeled like "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM.jpg", i.e.
"2014-11-01 15:50.jpg", then they will load in chronological order. You can't
reorder the frames within the application, so this will need to be done before
starting with Time Lapser. Also, the images must be in JPEG format.

Once you have your images prepared and know where they are located, you will
click either the Edit->Select Image Directory... menu option or click the big
button in the bottom left corner of the application. This will let you browse
to the directory containing your files. Select the directory and click OK.

From there, the images will load into the list to the left side of the
application. At this point, you can click each frame to preview it, or use
the scrub bar underneath the preview image to quickly navigate through the
video frames.

If there are frames in the application that you don't want, select each one
and click the Drop Frame button or the Edit->Drop Frame menu item. If you
uncheck the box below the Drop Frame button, it will not ask you to confirm
each time you remove a frame, since it gets annoying when you have to remove
a lot of frames for some reason.

If you find you accidentally removed a frame you want, you can click Edit->
Insert Frame... to put it back. Just figure out which frame is missing and
select it with the file chooser.

At this stage, you can create a video file by clicking File->Export Video. By
default the video is uncompressed, but this will get to be VERY large. It is
recommended that you use a codec that is supported by Video for Windows (VFW).
I suggest x264vfw, which you can download from here:


Time Lapser has a few advanced features. Below is a quick rundown of what else
it can do:

Duplicate a frame x times: Edit->Duplicate Frame.

Overlay Images: Edit->Overlay...->Add Image
  Drag the image around the preview area to place it where you want.

Overlay Text: Edit->Overlay...->Add Text
  You can customize the text by double clicking it once it appears on the
  video preview frame. Drag it around to place it where you want the text.

Playback the video before exporting it. Depending on your hard drive, this
may or may not play back at the framerate specified in the selector. Once the
video is exported, it will actually be rendered at the framerate specified.

Any other questions should be directed to me via the contact page on the web-
site, http://www.isimsoftware.com/ If you experience any kind
of crash or other weird issue, please let me know!

Thanks for using my free software! I hope it helped you accomplish what you
needed to get done.

Creation date: 2/1/2022 1:14 PM (isimsoftwareadmin)      Updated: 7/1/2022 9:34 AM (isimsoftwareadmin)
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