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isimSoftware Zune Playlist Converter

isimSoftware Zune Playlist Converter

Zune Playlist Converter will take any Zune playlist and convert it to either an m3u playlist or pls playlist that works in Winamp and other audio players that support one of those formats. It is very simple and fast. Tests on playlists containing over 2500 songs have shown that it takes less than a second to do a complete conversion.

ZPL to M3U Converter

Copyright © 2022 Isim Software. All Rights Reserved. For license 
information, see the included license.txt file.



Step 1: Find your Zune playlist you want to convert. They are commonly stored 
        in the location you configure the Zune software to rip music to. It is 
        called the "Zune Folders" section and it is where you select for the 
        audio portion of it. 

Step 2: Click the browse button (the one with 3 dots on it) in the Zune 
        playlist section. Browse to the location where your playlist is stored.
        Select your playlist and choose open.

Step 3: Check the filename that was automatically decided for the m3u file. If 
        it is not a good filename, click the browse button in the M3U section, 
        and choose a location and filename. Click Save.

Step 4: Click the convert button.

Step 5: Profit! (or not, but you can listen your zune playlist in winamp now!)


Run zplconverter.exe -i <input file path> -o <output file path> from a command
prompt or batch script. Put quote around the file path if it contains spaces.


zplconverter.exe -i "D:\My Documents\My Playlists\rock.zpl" -o C:\sample.m3u

Any other questions should be directed to me via the contact page on the website,

Thanks for using my free software!

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