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isimSoftware Host File Manager

isimSoftware Host File Manager

Host File Manager is a simple application that allows you to modify your HOSTS file on all modern Windows® systems. When you type an address such as www.google.com into a browser or anything else that resolves names using DNS, the hosts file is checked before it goes out to the internet to look up the IP address on your ISP‘s DNS server. This is useful if you want to block malicious addresses, or even advertisement servers. It’s also good for internal routing if you do not have a DNS server, but still would like to resolve names to other machines that do not use NetBIOS.
  • Edit hosts file
  • Disable and enable hosts without removing them
  • Copy & Paste multiple hosts
  • Easy to use interface

Administrator privileges (Run as Admin) are required for this application to work properly. It needs read/write access to the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\HOSTS file.

IsimSoftware Host File Manager

About the program

Host File Manager is a simple program that allows you to edit and modify your
HOSTS file. A HOSTS file is a local file on your system that works as a sort of
DNS server. Windows® computers look at this file before using the DNS system to
find network nodes on the Internet or intranet. This makes the product great
for blocking servers that only serve advertisements. You can redirect any
requests to a certain server to an alternate server of your choice, where the
advertisement would not be found or it would time out, therefore loading
quicker as no images will need to download.

This took is intended to make your life easier. You can edit this file using
a standard text editor like Notepad or Wordpad.


Using the application is fairly straight-forward. Once opened, it will
automatically find your HOSTS file in your \Windows\system32\drivers\etc and
load it into the application. If no HOSTS file is found, it will create one for
you. Once it is loaded, you will be presented with a simple interface
containing a list of all the host redirects. You can add, edit or remove them
from the list by using the buttons in the toolbar, or right-clicking any of the
items in the list. The program supports multiple host editing, therefore
allowing you set more than one host to a single redirect in one command. As
with all my apps, if you need more help using the software, feel free to
e-mail support. A list of contact methods is listed below.

Note: On modern versions of Windows (Vista and newer), you will need to run
this application with Administrator privileges in order for it to work. Upon
launch, if it is being run as a non-administrative account, it will request
administrator privileges via UAC.


There are a few ways to contact me. A reply is not usually guaranteed, but there 
is a 95% chance your question/comment will be replied to.

Email:   support@isimsoftware.com

Creation date: 2/1/2022 5:22 PM (isimsoftwareadmin)      Updated: 6/30/2022 3:49 PM (isimsoftwareadmin)
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