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isimSoftware Offline Bookmark Manager

isimSoftware OfflineBookmarkManager

isimSoftware OfflineBookmarkManager is an offline bookmark manager for Windows desktops. It helps you to store links to all of your favorite websites in one central repository.

  • Import your bookmarks from most major browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.
  • Open websites in any browser installed on your computer, directly from within isimSoftware OfflineBookmarkManager.
  • Store and sort sites in unlimited categories.
  • Enable a floating toolbar that you can keep anywhere on your screen, for quick access to all your bookmarks.
  • Generate HTML “home” pages containing links from one or all categories.
  • Save credentials for any site in an encrypted format.
  • Open and manage unlimited numbers of databases. Have one for work bookmarks and a separate one for home.
  • Portable mode! Now, run it from a USB thumb drive! Check out the download section.
  • Specify a browser for each individual bookmark so websites that only work in certain browsers will automatically open where they need to.

Creation date: 2/9/2022 11:36 AM (isimsoftwareadmin)      Updated: 7/1/2022 9:30 AM (isimsoftwareadmin)
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