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isimSoftware Color Picker

isimSoftware Color Picker
Easy to select the colors for your website and programs

Choosing a color scheme for websites or programs is difficult without being able to see the suggested colors directly on the screen. That is why isimSoftware has developed the ColorPicker program. ColorPicker shows the color combination of text and background in a large area on the screen, so that you can immediately assess it for legibility.
Choose any color component yourself (RGB values; red, green and blue), or let the program generate all kinds of original combinations at random. Especially for web developers, there is the option to generate only the so-called web-safe colors , in order to be sure that all browsers show exactly the desired colors.
In addition, the program offers the option of displaying the RGB values โ€‹โ€‹of the displayed color combination in decimal or hexadecimal (ten or sixteen-digit system).

All functions are also available via hotkeys.
Below is a layout of all shortcuts:

Creation date: 2/21/2022 12:59 PM (isimsoftwareadmin)      Updated: 7/1/2022 9:33 AM (isimsoftwareadmin)
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