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IsimSoftware Data Migration Solution

IsimSoftware Data Migration Solution

IsimSoftwareDataMigration Products Categorization
Get a complete solution with IsimSoftwareDataMigration wide range of products. Pick the product that matches your needs.

Email Migration

Complete migration of local email file formats to cloud account of your choice

Directly migrate emails with associated attachments
Multiple file formats are supported to migrate to various cloud accounts
Bulk migration without any supportive tool installation

Email Migration Tool
Migrate emails from local to cloud accounts without any data loss & disruption

Direct migration of emails with attachments from local to webmail accounts
No supportive program for migrating local mails to cloud platforms
Unlimited migration of local file extensions to email server with zero errors

IsimSoftwareDataMigration Email Migration Tool performs multiple functions by transferring local file extensions to cloud mail server. Bulk import of multiple file extensions like EML, EMLX, MBOX, NSF, OST, Thunderbird files, MSG, PST, etc. to any cloud account. All cloud accounts like Yahoo, Gmail, Office 365, AOL, Outlook.com, iCloud, IMAP Server, any business mail account, and others are compatible to import local mails. Users can choose the desired functionality and pay only for what they want from the complete package of Email Migration Program.

select any file to migrateselect online accountenter detailsenter username and password
Migrate multiple local files to any cloud
With IsimSoftwareDataMigration Email Migrator Tool, multiple local file extensions to cloud migration is performed. It can import multiple local file extensions like OST, PST, MBOX, MSG, NSF, EML, EMLX, etc. to any cloud account. These cloud accounts include Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Zoho, Rediffmail, Hotmail, Google Apps, and various other webmail accounts. Without any glitches, multiple local files are migrated at once to any cloud account.

Pick desired feature as per your need
If users want to pick the desired functionality of the application, they can simply choose that particular feature and pay only for that. For example - OST to Gmail, PST to Office 365, NSF to G Suite, EML to Yahoo, EMLX to AOL, MBOX to Hotmail, etc. Without any file size restrictions, thousands of emails are migrated to cloud accounts. Users can simply test this program with a demo edition that can be downloaded directly by users in a few seconds.

Fast and smart solution
Importing local mails to cloud platforms is an easy and few steps task with this program. It is designed to work speedily and does not create any hurdle for technical and non-technical users to use it. By choosing the local file and entering desired cloud account login credentials, emails are imported from local file to cloud accounts without any hurdles. You can use this program without installing any additional tool and it can run on any Windows version.

  • Import EML files into Gmail, G Suite, Hotmail, Yahoo, Office 365 & IMAP
  • Import EMLX files into Gmail, G Suite, Hotmail, Yahoo, Office 365 & IMAP
  • Import MSG files into Gmail, G Suite, Hotmail, Yahoo, Office 365 & IMAP
  • Import PST files into Gmail, G Suite, Hotmail, Yahoo, Office 365 & IMAP
  • Import OST files into Gmail, G Suite, Hotmail, Yahoo, Office 365 & IMAP
  • Import MBOX files into Gmail, G Suite, Hotmail, Yahoo, Office 365 & IMAP
  • Import Thunderbird files into Gmail, G Suite, Hotmail, Yahoo, Office 365 & IMAP
  • Import NSF files into Gmail, G Suite, Hotmail, Yahoo, Office 365 & IMAP

Email Conversion

Conversion of emails from one file to another file format

Instant and bulk conversion of one file to another file format
No supportive program required
Freely export any huge size file extensions to another file extension

Email Conversion Tool
Convert emails from one file format to another in bulk

  • Convert emails with attachments from one file format to another
  • Bulk conversion of emails without any supportive email client
  • 100% safe, quick and easy solution to use by all users on Windows

IsimSoftwareDataMigration Email Conversion Tool is bundled with many solutions to convert emails from one application to another. It includes email converters like EML to PST Converter, PST to MBOX, NSF to PST, EML to NSF, MBOX to PST, MSG to EML, MBOX to NSF, EML to MBOX, MSG to MBOX, DBX to PST, OLM to PST, PST to NSF, TGZ to PST, OST to PST, and multiple others. Users can pick the desired tool and pay only for the required one instead of paying for complete package. This program will help users to migrate their mailboxes when they move from one email client to another.

select any file to migrateselect online accountenter detailsenter username and password
Complete package to convert emails
IsimSoftwareDataMigration offers a complete package of tools to easily convert emails from one platform to another platform. Using this email conversion tool package, users can convert emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook, Thunderbird to Outlook, Outlook Express to Outlook, Lotus Notes to Outlook, Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook, Zimbra to Outlook, Outlook to Thunderbird, Outlook to Lotus Notes, and others. This application is useful for users to easily switch from one email client to another with mailboxes.

Maintain data integrity throughout conversion
All the tools in this complete package are verified by professionals therefore, while conversion, the data of users remain 100% safe. All the attachments with emails are preserved along with the file structure. Moreover, email properties like to, cc, bcc, subject, from, date, time and other details remain intact meanwhile the conversion. A preview of the source file is provided before the conversion process begins. Overall, there is complete safety of user database during conversion.

Pay for desired function
Users can easily select the desired tool from this complete package and easily complete their task for which they have invested in this program. This complete packaged tool comes in multiple licenses – personal, business, and enterprise license. Users can buy any license as per their requirements. Every tool offers you a trial edition to check the functionality of it before you invest in it. The programs are designed for Windows users hence, download and install it on any Windows version.

Cloud Backup

Save a local copy of any cloud account in multiple file formats

  • Backup cloud account emails and attachments
  • Save backup in different file formats – PST, PDF, MBOX, HTML, EML, etc.
  • 100% safe and quick backup facility

Cloud Backup Tool
Backup any cloud account to local system on Windows

  • Get instant backup of cloud mailboxes to local PC
  • Ensure data security for cloud storage solutions
  • Automated solution for webmail account backup in 4-5 easy steps

 IsimSoftwareDataMigration Cloud Backup Tool is a bundled applications consisting of solutions to backup any cloud account emails and attachments to local system. Users can backup and restore data of multiple webmail accounts like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook.com, Hotmail, Office 365, Zoho, AOL, iCloud, G Suite, any Business Mail, Mail.com, Live.com, IMAP account, and other online email clients. It offers various options in which cloud emails backup can be saved such as PST, MBOX, EML, EMLX, HTML, MHTML, PDF, etc. Users can backup all email folders or desired ones as per their needs.

select any file to migrateselect online accountenter detailsenter username and password
Rapid backup solution
IsimSoftwareDataMigration Cloud Email Backup Tool is designed to offer fast speed backup facility. It can smartly backup all email folders of user-defined cloud account. By providing cloud account login details, backup of cloud emails with attachments is saved by this tool. Moreover, selected email folder backup is taken by the utility within a few minutes. Moreover, the backup process can be easily managed through pause/resume options in case of internet fluctuations.

Save backup in various formats
With this program bundled with multiple functions, users can backup desired cloud account and save the backup data in various file formats. Users can easily backup Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Outlook.com, Yandex, G Suite, Business Mail, or any IMAP enabled account. This webmail emails backup is saved into PST, EML, EMLX, MBOX, MSG, PDF HTML, and MHTML formats. Users can pick any format as pre their convenience to save the backup results.

Friendly solution
IsimSoftwareDataMigration Webmail backup tool is a friendly solution for all. Without further technical assistance, the backup task gets easily handled by every user. No difficulty is faced by users to operate this app due to its self-introductory steps. A single cloud account backup is saved at once by the utility by entering its login credentials. Operate the app easily on all editions of Windows OS like Windows 10, 8, 7, etc. 100% safe and accurate backup is generated by the program.

Cloud Migration

Direct migration from one cloud account to another cloud account

  • Speedy and safe migration of emails with attachments between cloud accounts
  • Bulk migration of emails
  • Complete migration between cloud accounts

Cloud Migration Tool
Tool to simply migrate cloud to cloud on Windows

Trusted application for migrating emails from one account to another
Simple solution to migrate emails between any cloud accounts
100% safe application for mailbox migration between webmail accounts

IsimSoftwareDataMigration Cloud Migration Tool is a single utility bundled with multiple benefits. Users can pay for the particular function and migrate emails from one webmail to another webmail. Users can smartly migrate Gmail to Yahoo, Gmail to Hotmail, Gmail to Office 365, Gmail to G Suite, Gmail to Zoho Mail, Gmail to iCloud, Yahoo to Gmail, Yahoo to Office 365, Yahoo to G Suite, Yahoo to Outlook.com, Office 365 to G Suite/Gmail, G Suite to Office 365, G Suite to Zoho, G Suite to another domain, etc. Overall, users can easily migrate from any IMAP to IMAP account with this multi-functional tool.

select any file to migrateselect online accountenter detailsenter username and password
Migrate between cloud accounts
This program is designed to help users to migrate mailboxes between two cloud accounts. All cloud accounts are supported by this application like Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, or any IMAP enabled account. Users can smoothly migrate all or desired emails using filters with attachments from one cloud account to another with this utility.

Multi-functionality in one app
Users will get multiple functions in this webmail migration tool. Users can smartly pay for the desired functionality that they want hence this will be a cost-effective program. Unlimited emails from one webmail account to another webmail account are transferred by this program in a hassles-free manner taking a few minutes.

Simple to understand
Users can easily understand this program with its self-expressive steps. Moreover, an instructional guide is available to help users to know the complete process. By introducing the login details of both cloud or IMAP enabled accounts, mailboxes are swiftly migrated by the app. No harm to a single element while migrating emails from one cloud to another cloud.

Address Book Management

Manage address book by migration, split and merge

  • Directly export contacts from one file to another file format
  • Easily split VCF contact file to manage
  • Merge multiple VCF contacts into one VCF file

Address Book Management Tool
Manage contacts by migration, splitting, and merging

Direct export address book from one format to another format
Split and Merge VCF contact files without any hassles
100% secure and speedy export of contacts

 IsimSoftwareDataMigration Address Book Management Tool offers you several options for migration of contacts from one file format to another format. It can smartly migrate contacts from CSV to VCF, VCF to CSV, MSG to VCF, Excel to vCard, NSF to VCF/CSV, VCF to Outlook, Outlook to VCF, and many more. Not only this, users can manage contacts easily through Split VCF and Merge VCF Tools bundled with this program. The program smartly migrate contacts from one application to another. Bulk migration of contacts with their properties is performed by the application without any hassles.

select any file to migrateselect online accountenter detailsenter username and password
Swiftly manage address book
The program is developed for swift migration of address book from one application to another. Contacts in any format are migrated to another format to easily access on mobile devices, any OS, any platform, etc. Users can comfortably migrate all or desired contacts from CSV to VCF, VCF to CSV, MSG to VCF, Excel to VCF, and others. Moreover, VCF contacts can be split and merged with this app. Only a few steps simple working and no additional program installation is required to manage contacts.

Select and pay for desired feature
The program offers multiple functions for contact migration. Users can choose any feature from this and pay only for that what they needed instead of paying for the whole tool. In this way, this program is cost-effective and is designed by taking caring of user needs. Users can migrate any number of contacts from one file format to another with this application. 100% accurate and fruitful results are offered by the utility without any data loss issues.

Bulk export of contacts
IsimSoftwareDataMigration Contact Migration Program is capable to migrate contacts in bulk. Along with complete details of contacts, the migration task is carried out. A free trial of the tools is offered to users that will help them to analyze it before investing in it. Users can migrate contacts with this tool on any Windows version like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc. The program is user-friendly and comes with working guide and technical support to help users at every step.

File Management

Manage Outlook data items by split, merge, & upgrade

  • Comfortably split Outlook PST file
  • Merge small PST files onto one PST
  • Upgrade PST from ANSI to UNICODE for unlimited storage facility

File Management Tool
Manage files by splitting, merging, compress, and upgrade PST

  • Manage files easily without any application installation
  • Multiple easy solutions to manage file formats
  • 100% safe and secure processing without any data loss
IsimSoftwareDataMigration File Management Tool offers multiple functions to easily manage files. It can perform various tasks like Split PST file, Merge PST file, compress PST file, Upgrade PST file, remove PST password, remove EML duplicates, remove PST duplicates, remove MBOX duplicates, remove MSG duplicates, and many more. You can select the desired tool that you require and pay for it to manage your files. Get a free demo edition with every tool for testing purposes before investment.

select any file to migrate select online accountenter details enter username and password
Perform several functions
The program performs several functions to manage multiple file formats. Users can repair corrupted PST files, remove duplicates from PST/EML/EMLX/MSG/MBOX formats, merge Outlook data file, split Outlook PST file, remove password from PST files, compress PST file, repair PST file, and upgrade ANSI PST to UNICODE PST. Users can pay for the desired tool as per their requirements from these file management bundle.

Easy to utilize
All tools under the File Management category are easy to handle. All have a guide and free demo version by which users can analyze the features & working efficiency. Without any hurdles, users can smoothly handle the programs as all are user-friendly. Simply download them and follow the instructions as guided, you will find 100% accurate results. The programs can be installed on the latest Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and others without any interruptions.

100% safe results
There is no chance of data loss and file corruption at all with this program. Any of the tools in this bundle have no file size limitations so any heavy file can be processed by the application without installing MS Outlook or any supportive email client. Without knowing the current password, PST Password Recovery is also done by the program. Without losing any original database, all files of known email clients are managed by this application.

Complete data migration solutions
IsimSoftwareDataMigration provides you solutions to resolve your migration issues and offers you simple solutions

Various Conversion Options
IsimSoftwareDataMigration Software provides you multiple options in which you can migrate your source file to desired file format. Users can easily migrate OST to PST, PST to MBOX, MBOX to PST, EML to PST, NSF to PST, and multiple others.

Support single & bulk conversion
This powerful solution can convert single as well as multiple files to another file format. Bulk migration features allow users to convert any number of files from one format to another format without any trouble.

Self-expressive and simple interface
The opening interface of the program shows the detailed information of the tool and it has a self-expressive and interactive interface so that users can smoothly run the program without any difficulties.

Conversion of selective items
Users have their choice to pick desired files to export from one platform to another. Users can get the desired results of their choice with this program. Users can easily browse files from any location to perform the migration.

Support all Outlook & Windows platforms
The software is capable of performing conversion with all Windows platforms like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and others. Also, all Outlook versions are supported by the program like Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and below versions.

Convert files without size restrictions
IsimSoftwareDataMigration Software is free from file size restrictions. Users can easily perform the migration of any heavy size file without any trouble. All oversized files are welcomed by the software without any inconvenience.
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