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Isimsoftware Futsal Scoredisplay

Isimsoftware Futsal Scoredisplay

Isimsoftware Sport Displays are powerful apps that help individuals keep score and other values and display them just like a physical display during matches.
Isimsoftware Futsal Scoredisplay
Turn your computer into a scoreboard
You can use this app just like an ordinary physical scoreboard by simply connecting your PC or laptop to a projector, LCD or LED TV.
Separate Control Panel
The Control panel is a separate window that is visible to the scoreboard operator. Spectators see only main scoreboard panel.

Creation date: 5/1/2022 6:06 PM (isimsoftwareadmin)      Updated: 8/30/2022 2:19 PM (isimsoftwareadmin)
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