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Isimsoftware PDF Metadata Editor

Isimsoftware PDF Metadata Editor

Free Software For Exploring and Editing Metadata in PDF files

Free Software For Exploring and Editing Metadata in PDF files
IsimsoftwarePDFMetadataEditor Software for Microsoft Windows
What is IsimsoftwarePDFMetadataEditor software?
IsimsoftwarePDFMetadataEditor is a free standalone application for exploring and editing metadata, document properties and viewer preferences in multiple PDF documents. The key feature is ability to select many PDF files and folders and quickly inspect and update information in all documents with a minimal effort. The software comes handy when you have a large collection of PDF files to maintain. The product saves valuable time, increase your productivity and is very easy to use. Not to mention that this software is free for both commercial and non-commercial use.
Functionality overview
Loading Files and Folders
Select multiple PDF files and folders to load into the application. All loaded documents are shown in a spreadsheet-like view by displaying file name, title, subject, author and keywords standard metadata fields. The software can automatically find and load all PDF files from a selected folder and all sub-folders.
IsimsoftwarePDFMetadataEditor Main Window
Editing Document Metadata
You can either edit metadata in place or perform a search and replace operation on selected fields. Use this operation to update multiple PDF documents with a common metadata change.
Exploring Document Properties
Use IsimsoftwarePDFMetadataEditor to explore document's security settings and access permissions, document statistics, file details, various metadata fields, page size and orientation (based on a first page), PDF file format version, and viewer preferences.
Viewing and Editing PDF Metadata and Properties

Editing Viewer Preferences
Use document properties view to easily change viewer preferences for a currently selected PDF document. The software allows changing document title text, hiding menu, toolbar and window controls, centering document window,  selecting a page layout (Single Page, Single Page Continuous, Two-Up Continuos (Facing), Two-Up Continuous (Cover), Two-Up (Facing), Two-Up (Cover)), setting an optional navigation tab to showing bookmarks, page thumbnails, layers or attachments, displaying document in a full screen mode.
Viewing Bookmarks, Destinations and Fields
The software provides 3 separate views for listing bookmarks, named destinations and form fields for a currently selected document. Bookmarks can be optionally exported into XML file.
Exporting Metadata Records
The software allows exporting standard metadata fields into a plain ASCII text file.
Importing Metadata Records
The software provides ability to load metadata information from a plain ASCII text file and use it to update metadata in corresponding files.
Opening Documents
Simply double-click on a file record to open a corresponding PDF document in a default PDF viewer installed on your system.
Supported Platforms
IsimsoftwarePDFMetadataEditor is available for Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. This is a standalone application that does not require presence of Adobe Acrobat or any other similar application.
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