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IsimSoftware Digital Signage Software

IsimSoftware Digital Signage Software

Create beautiful signages with the help of this app that offers a plethora of useful tools and features

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Design your signage project
Digital Signage is efficient app created to make it as easy as possible for users to design their very own signages. Signage refers to the design of signs and symbols in order to transmit a message to a specific group of people, generally for marketing reasons.

Design signage easily
With the help of this tool, users can create custom designs for sponsor advertisement, event schedule presentations, school dashboards, hospital/clinic patient information descriptions, building guest entry displays, and others.
Very easy to use - No login procedure.
  • Simply install Windows app and create your signage design.
  • You can use additional screens to project your signage.
  • It is simple but powerful tool. Use digital signage to advertise your sponsors and display an event schedule all on one screen, notify your attendees of event changes in real time and display an event map.
  • Usage: School dashboard, hospital/clinic patient information display, commercial building guest entry display, store customer information display, sport hall guest information display, hotel guest information display etc.

Digital Signage
Digital signage gives you new ways to deliver your content, and allows faster transitions than traditional signs.

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