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isimsoftware Prompter Software

isimsoftware Prompter Software

Resizable text scroller, up to full screen size. Load text from file or enter it inside the program. 5 text slots. Fully customizable with adjustable colors and fonts, scrolling speed (mousewheel can be used), global hotkeys, percantage indicator, eye marker, mirror mode, semi-transparency mode, quick-scroll (scrub) function, jump-to-position function. Unbeatable price.

isimsoftware Prompter Software text scroller window is resizable up to full screen. Load text from file or enter it inside the program. Adjustable colors and fonts, scrolling speed (mousewheel can be used), hotkeys for program operation. Percantage display, adjustable eye marker, mirror mode, transparency mode, quick-scroll (scrub) function, jump to 10%..90% function.

isimsoftware Prompter Software has five text slots that can be changed during playback. The text can have any size or length, there is no influence on the scrolling fluency. Single / endless (start over) mode. The background can be (semi-)transparent, to display scrolling text over any background.

isimsoftware Prompter Software
Scrolling Text Software for PC
This isimsoftware Prompter Software program shows a smoothly scrolling text in a window or in fullscreen mode.
It is an easy to use, modern and powerful text / presentation desktop scroller for Windows. The program can display a smoothly scrolling text in a resizable window or full screen on your desktop. It features the latest programming techniques (Microsoft .Net 4 / WPF) which are using hardware accelaration of the GPU (graphics processing unit) of the computer.
Ideal for presentation, video cast / TV sessions or for advertising of any kind.
isimsoftware Prompter Software Settings Transparent Teleprompter

  • Program window with controls - on top: settings, slots 1..5, reset, play / on the bottom: reset, play, speed, position, percentage
  • Program window without controls (they can be hidden after some time); percentage display and eye marker are shown (optional)
  • Settings dialog - enter or select text and change different settings here
  • The background can be made fully or semi transparent, so a background can shine through
  • Resizable window - from small to full screen - only your screen size is the limit (performance depends on the computer graphics power)
  • Scrolling speed is adjustable in a wide range, using a trackbar or the mouse wheel
  • Scrub function - quickly scroll within your text with a slider
  • 5 text slots - load text from file or enter it manually
  • Selectable background and text color, font, line height, alignment and margin
  • Percentage label to display the elapsed percentage of the currently scrolling text (correctly adjusted on speed change)
  • Mirror mode to flip the text horizontally and/or vertically, for use with a mirror
  • Optional "Pause on Mouse-Over"
  • Optional Eye Line Marker, showing a semi-transparent border around the middle lines of the text (height and color is adjustable)
  • Endless Mode or Single pass through
  • Transparency mode to show other windows, an image or a video below the isimsoftware Prompter Software (full- or semi-transparency)
  • Jump to 10%..90% of the selected text with a button click
  • Load text from a text field, an external text file or from the internet
  • For external files, text changes in the file will update the scrolling text immediately
  • Global Hotkeys
Creation date: 8/30/2022 2:43 PM (isimsoftwareadmin)      Updated: 8/30/2022 2:54 PM (isimsoftwareadmin)
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