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isimSoftware WhiteBoard Software

isimSoftware WhiteBoard Software

IsimSoftware Whiteboard is a Windows App that turns your Tablet PC into a shared whiteboard. It allows you to create a whiteboard on your computer screen, then allows other people to write onto your whiteboard, even if they are in another location!

IsimSoftware whiteboard is a new age technology company, focusing on sustainability through our flagship software, IsimSoftware Whiteboard. We strive to provide our whiteboard brainstorming solutions to common all internet-based users, whether they are local or elsewhere around the world. Now that’s smart.. IsimSoftware!

Help your student solve a problem, without leaving your home !

Got an idea you want to share with the New York office? No problem !

Want to clarify a floorplan with your fellow architect? Easy !

There are lots of reasons to use IsimSoftware Whiteboard

You’ll be up and running in less than 5 minutes!
After downloading, you will be writing ideas and getting creative in no time!

Absolutely Free
You can brainstorm for as long as you want, and it’s free for groups of 2. We don’t even have advertisements in the app!

Saves you gas money
You no longer have to travel to a board room meeting to explain an idea. You can write things back and forth on the shared whiteboard.

You don’t have to buy a Windows Tablet
If You don't have a Windows Tablet, you can purchase a usb pad and pen from us!
Here’s Our Story

A student came to him with a math problem, but she was actually in another country. They got on Skype, but Skype did not have any whiteboard capabilities, so there was no way to see her write her math problem down so he could see her attempt to work out the problem.

As you teachers may know, it can be very hard to tutor someone in math or science via the internet, so IsimSoftware decided to write an App that turns your computer into a whiteboard that both people can write on simultaneously. That’s how the IsimSoftware Whiteboard was born! Now, you don’t have to leave your home to get assistance with a difficult problem.

Great idea, huh?!
What is IsimSoftware Whiteboard?

IsimSoftware Whiteboard is a Windows App that turns your desktop pc or laptop pc into a whiteboard.
How does it work?

1. Our app connects you and your party to a shared whiteboard.
2. As you write, the app senses when your stylus pen touches the screen.
3. The app immediately sends the coordinates to your other parties who are watching from their own computer. You can actually see what they are writing, as they are writing it!

My computer isn’t a touchscreen, so how can I write onto the screen?

How Do I Get Started?

1. Download and install the IsimSoftware Whiteboard App

2. If you purchased the Unlimited Version, you must pay 

After you pay, please wait 24-48 hours for your funds to be verified. We do this to help protect your account against fraud. Then we will send you an activation key to activate the software.

3. Plug in your USB pad, and start using the software immediately. If you are using a Windows Tablet, just start writing directly onto the screen.
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