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isimSoftware Split PST Tool

isimSoftware Split PST Tool
Outlook PST Splitter to Divide & break Large Sized MS Outlook PST files into Smaller PST files. Split Outlook PST Files in different criteria like Date, Size, Year and Folder.

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Tool to Split Large Outlook PST File into Small Sizes

Technical Key Features

  • Split Large Sized PST into Multiple Small Files
  • Preview Outlook Mailbox Items
  • Split by Size
  • Split by Folder
  • Split by Year
  • Skip Empty Folders
  • Ignore Deleted Folders
  • Support Outlook 2016/13 & Other
  • Support Plain Text, RTF & HTML Formats
  • Support Windows 10/8/7/others

Outlook Splitter is best Split PST Tool for splitting and dividing large/oversized sized MS Outlook PST file into smaller PST files to avoid corruption.

Did you know PST files are prone to damage or corrupt when they are oversized? It is smart to understand the limit of PST file storage capacity. If you are using PST ANSI, you cannot exceed the limit more than 2 GB. If you are using PST Unicode, the limit of a file can go up to 20 GB or up to 50 GB 0but the oversized file can create trouble.

Split PST Pro overview:

  • Enable users to split files according to Date, year, size or folder
  • Capable to work on both archive and newly created PST files
  • Split all items stored in your PST file - Contacts, emails, tasks etc
  • No size limitation- split both Unicode and ANSI
  • Compatible to MS Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013 formats
  • Corrupt PST data require to be recovered before splitting
Free Download Split PST Pro Tool to Split Outlook PST File

Divide Any Large PST Files
The application is designed to divide any size of PST file into smaller files. Without compromising quality, the app divides both Unicode and ANSI PST files. Neither format nor meta properties of divided PST files are spoiled.
Divide PST files by Year
MS Outlook PST File Splitter allows you to divide Outlook file by year. The application helps you to create a separate file for each year. For example, if you have chosen from 2005 to 2010, you will have 6 PST files. You can choose division of PST files by the year.

Split PST by Folders
The feature creates multiple PST files for each folder. Once you choose PST file. You need to choose folder options – inbox, deleted, sent, drafts etc. This divides PST file according to your chosen folders.

Split file
Create New PST to Save Items
The application allows users to save PST files in any location of your system after splitting. It also allows creating new PST files to save the divided PST files.

3 Different Division Options
Users have the opportunity to select any 3 option to divide PST files.

Split by Year
Split by Size
Split by folder
split by size
Split PST Files by Size
Whatever standard size you want for your PST, choose it. The application allows users to split MS Outlook PST files according to sizes. Divide the size range from 5 MB to 10 GB and easily split large sized Outlook PST files.

Damage pst
Oversized PST File Issues
Split PST pro doesn't support splitting of those PST items that has been corrupted or damaged due to their oversize. Software only works with healthy PST files and split it quickly.
Tools Faq's
How to split PST file into parts?
To split PST file, follow the simple steps discussed below

Install Split PST Pro on your system.
Add PST file using the Browse button.
Select Splitting options – size, folder or year.
Mention Output directory with the help of Browse button.
Click Split Now and this will start the process to split PST files.
Does the software require Outlook installation to split PST files?
Does the software split corrupt PST files?
How much time taken by the tool to break a large sized PST File?
Can PST Split break multiple files at a time?
Does the program capable to break archive Outlook files?

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