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isimSoftware IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool

isimSoftware IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool
Migrate emails between IMAP configured email accounts from one IMAP server to another

Migrate Emails Between IMAP Servers
Export One IMAP Mailbox to Another
Customized Folder Mapping Facility
Compatible with all IMAP Emails Servers
Availability of Date-based Filter
Migrate Selected Folder
Support Windows 10/8/7 & Others
  • Migrate emails from IMAP to IMAP enabled accounts
  • Export emails from one IMAP server to another including attachments
  • Advanced filter facility for migration
  • Compatible with all IMAP Email servers
  • Maintains metadata and folder structure
  • Migrate emails from business account to personal IMAP account
  • Need login details of both IMAP Server accounts
  • Retain complete originality throughout the migration
  • No size restrictions to migrate emails between IMAP servers
  • Generate complete migration report

Important features of IMAP Mailbox Migration Tool
Migrate emails between IMAP Servers
The IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool is designed so that one can easily migrate emails between IMAP Servers. You just need to provide host address, username, and password of respective email accounts and export the data easily from source IMAP account to target IMAP account.

Export complete IMAP mailbox to another
This IMAP Transfer Tool easily transfer emails from one IMAP account to another. All mailbox folders of source IMAP account are comfortably transferred to targeted IMAP account including Inbox, Outbox, sent items, drafts, deleted items, custom folders, etc.

Compatible with all IMAP Servers
IMAP Export Tool is compatible with all IMAP Servers. It includes both business and personal IMAP accounts. All types of IMAP accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, G Suite, AOL, Rediffmail, Outlook.com, Roundcube, and others.

Keep meta elements intact
Both folder structure and metadata are safely migrated from one IMAP account to another by using IMAP Transfer Tool. Post migration, you will find the source IMAP emails exactly in the targeted IMAP account. There is no difference in the exported data.

Tools Faq's
o How to migrate emails from one IMAP account to another IMAP account?
o Here are the simple steps to export IMAP emails from one account to another –

Launch isimSoftware IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool.
Provide source IMAP account host, username and password. Authenticate it.
Then, provide target IMAP account host, username and password. Also, Authenticate it.
Choose source IMAP account folder to export.
Click Apply filters and export data by applying date-filters.
Choose target IMAP account folder to export the data or you can simply create a new folder.
Hit Start Transferring button and this will commence the migration process.
Can I export attachments while transferring emails from one IMAP Server to another?
Does IMAP Export Tool work on Windows 10?
Does this migration need internet connectivity?

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