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isimSoftware EML to GMail Importer

isimSoftware EML to GMail Importer
Import & Upload EML & EMLX Files into GMail Account
Export desired EML data to Gmail swiftly & accurately

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Tool to Import EML/EMLX Files into Gmail Account

Technical Key Features

Import EML Files into Gmail
Import EMLX Files into Gmail
Support Windows 10/8/7/others
  • Designed to smoothly import EML files into Gmail
  • Maintain Email Folder Hierarchy
  • Work uninterruptedly, no matter how big an EML file is
  • Extract entire emails along with its properties like CC, BCC, To, Date
  • Enable users to find flawless migration
  • Export data to desired Gmail profile
  • Connect with Gmail with just a few clicks
  • Support Apple Mail, WLM, Thunderbird and several other EML supportive email clients
  • A highly interactive application work smoothly with less technical help
  • A Windows tool, supports Wins 10, 8, 7, XP & Vista
  • EML to Gmail Conversion can make your EML data accessible to any laptop and smart device. You can access Apple Mail, Thunderbird and several other email clients' databases with ease if migration from EML to Gmail takes place. Our third tool supports you to achieve the task with less effort and so quickly. This is a highly interactive application to install in your Windows.
Key Features of EML to Gmail Converter
eml import to gmail
Convert EML files of Any Size
EML files of any size can export with this program. The tool has capacity to import EML databases without considering its size. It means the file size doesn't come in the way of conversion.

import eml files
Export EML files in a Healthy State
Import EML files into Gmail without any doubt of data loss with the help of this conversion program. It keeps the data intact by exporting entire properties of emails along with attachments. Original structure of EML file is not exploited.

select eml files
Restore Selected EML Files
The conversion feature is operated by users. So they have full control on the functionality of the app. It restores EML files to Gmail once you have selected the particular EML file. The file filter feature allows you to select and convert your desirable files.

no time
Connect with Gmail in No Time
Users just have to provide the right username and password of the particular Gmail account in which they want to export data. The utility establishes connection with the particular in no time to convert data.
Tools Faq's
How to import EML files to Gmail account?

Follow the discussed steps to import EML files to Gmail

Install EML to Gmail Importer on your Windows system.
Select EML files in File Type.
Choose Folder or File mode in Input Type.
Provide Gmail account username and password.
Select Gmail folder or create a new folder.
Hit Process Now button.
Can I use this application on Mac operating system?

Does the number of EML files affect the software working?
Do I need to have any additional application to perform the task?
Can I import bulk EML files to Gmail account?

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