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isimSoftware Merge Vcard Tool to Merge Multiple VCF Files

isimSoftware Merge Vcard Tool to Merge Multiple VCF Files
Your search for a reliable vCard merge program is over now. isimSoftware vCard merger provides merge of multiple vCard files to create one strong vCard file. It helps to avoid data clutter and encourages smart data management.

  • Merge Multiple VCF files into Single Vcard
  • Add Folder and Subfolder having Multiple VCF
  • Support Windows 10/8/7 & Others
Tool to Merge Multiple Vcard files into Single VCF File

  • Merge multiple small VCF files into single vCard
  • Capable of merging selective VCF contacts
  • Option of merging selective VCF contacts
  • Keep all contact information intact after merging
  • Support VCF files in various platforms
  • Provide preview VCF contacts before merge
  • Sort the contacts with respect to the attributes
  • Smart and interactive interface to operate independently
Incredible Features of Merge VCF Tool
Are you tired of unnecessary data clutter? Do you want to manage VCF contact files? The best solution is to merge VCF files to create one single VCF. The tool helps to arrange VCF files without losing quality.

merge multiple vcf files
Merge Multiple VCF Files into One
The incredible tool has been designed to merge more than one VCF file into single vCard file. Users can merge two, three, five or more VCF files together to create one strong VCF file. Thus, file management becomes an easy goal to achieve.

merge selected contacts
Merge Required VCF Files Only
The utility doesn't select VCF files automatically. It allows users to select required VCF files manually to merge them together. Users have freedom to select VCF files of any size. It merges data intact.

quality check
Keep File Quality Intact
Merge VCF is an advanced program which has been designed to keep the data quality intact. It retains original structure of all contacts. All meta properties of contacts are retained including text, number and symbol.

simple and easy
Simple Interface
The interface of VCF merger is simple. It has single window which is well descriptive. It shows the number of VCF files selected by users and what should be the next step to merge data. No deep technical help is required by the app.

Free Demo Trial
isimSoftware has offered free demo trial of VCF merger. The free version will let you know whether the app fits to your needs. Don't forget to download the light tool because it doesn't consume more data and keep file quality intact.
Tools Faq's
Does the tool need third app to perform merge operation?
How much time does the merge process take?
What are the steps to merge data?
Can I merge VCF files of multiple sizes?

Creation date: 12/31/2021 11:46 AM (isimsoftwareadmin)      Updated: 6/30/2022 4:02 PM (isimsoftwareadmin)
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