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Isimsoftware Archiver

Isimsoftware Archiver
Isimsoftware is a user friendly, powerful program for custom databases. Microsoft Access compatible databases. Microsoft Access NOT required. Ideal for document management, data indexing. Intuitive indexing and search functions.

Isimsoftware Archiver - Easy-to-use, versatile database software
Document archiving, document imaging, data indexing
Overview of Isimsoftware Archiver

Isimsoftware Archiver Jet is a user friendly, yet powerful database system for custom databases, document management, data indexing, compatible with the Microsoft Access databases. Create your own customized database in a few minutes, up to 50 fields. Intuitive indexing and search functions.

The posting of records is made easy with shortcuts such as dropdown lists, repeats, defaults, database lookups. If used for document imaging, an integrated viewer displays the images and automatically posts the file path.

The search has the common SQL operators logically and intuitively arranged. You can search by up to four criteria. The results are displayed in a flexible and adjustable table. If used for document imaging, you click on the record and the linked image is displayed. Isimsoftware has the necessary options to edit individual records or to edit globally. A tutorial database is included with the free download.

Isimsoftware is FREE for personal, non-business use. For companies, an unlimited site licenses are available; single and user-packs are also available.

Isimsoftware Archiver is compatible with the latest (and all recent) Windows operating systems.

Highlights of Isimsoftware Archiver
Intuitive windows for searches and indexing
  • The power of standard SQL
  • Integrated multi-page image viewer
  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • advanced options that may require some SQL knowledge are also available
  • Free for personal, non-business use
  • For more detailed information about the software, please download the product's User Guide .

Database management, Image management, Document management, Document archiving, Access database, Data archive
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